Having a home inspection performed before you list your home for sale, can identify problems early. This allows you to make any necessary repairs on your own terms. Or you may decide to just disclose certain items as-is. Having this information in hand early on in the process will assure that the first offer you accept will move quickly and smoothly to closing without delays or costly surprises.

The advantages of having your home inspected before you list it for sale are many:

My report will reveal problems ahead of time which:
might make your home show better.
gives you time to make repairs and shop for competitive contractors.
permits you to attach repair estimates or paid invoices to the inspection report.
removes over-inflated buyer procured estimates from any future negotiations.
The report could help you substantiate a higher asking price.
My report might alert you to any immediate safety issues.
The home inspection report can be used as a marketing tool.

Your deal is less likely to fall apart, the way they often do when a buyer’s inspection unexpectedly reveals a problem, last minute.

A seller inspection is the ultimate gesture in forthrightness on your part. My report provides you with full-disclosure protection from future legal claims.