If You’re Looking for the Highest Quality
Home Inspection at a reasonable price.

You have found it!

I have been performing high quality, thorough home inspections at reasonable prices sense 2001. I am licensed (TREC. Lic. #5826) and insured. I am a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and have their highest accreditation. I am also member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. To View a Sample Report, click here.

I am proud of my prices and post them for your convenience. I don’t believe in hiding my fees, or adding fees just because you have a crawlspace or an extra bathroom. You deserve an honest straight forward quote from your home inspector.

Because Condos come in many shapes and forms, special pricing may apply. If you need a price quote for a condo inspection please call me.

The following tables outline my fees for a home inspection.

Year Built 2010 or Newer
Up to 2000 Sq Ft $225.00
2001 to 2500 Sq Ft $250.00
Over 2501 Sq Ft 10 cents per Sq Ft
Year Built 2000 to 2009
Up to 2300 Sq Ft $250.00
Over 2300 Sq Ft 11 Cents Per Sq Ft
Year Built 1990 to 1999
Up to 2100 Sq Ft $250.00
Over to 2101 Sq Ft 12 cents per Sq Ft
Year Built 1980 to 1989
Up to 2100 Sq Ft $275.00
Over to 2100 Sq Ft 13 cents per Sq Ft
Year Built 1970 to 1979
Up to 2000 Sq Ft $275.00
Over to 2000 Sq Ft 14 cents per Sq Ft
Year Built before 1970
Up to 2000 Sq Ft $300.00
Over to 2000 Sq Ft 15 cents per Sq Ft

For multifamily properties, please call for a price quote.The price to inspect most sprinkler systems is $25.

The prices listed above are estimates. Prices are subject to change.